Nuun electrolyte replacement


We’ve featured Nuun electrolyte replacement tablets here at least once before but they’re worth posting again because we have a handful of new flavours in stock.  Although we haven’t tried every flavour they offer (they’re up to 14 of ’em now) we like every one we have tried.

Maybe counterintuitively a part of the reason we like all of the flavours is because they are all quite lite.  That is to say they aren’t overbearing, each offering just a hint of flavour to your water thus keeping your H2O refreshing.

Adding to that refreshment is a very light carbonation.  Again, nothing overbearing, just a little extra something to help encourage you to hydrate during your ride.

With no carbs or sugars these Nuuns are designed simply to help replenish your electrolytes while you hydrate – nothing more, nothing less.  At $10 per pack and containing 12 tabs each (one tab is used per waterbottle) they cost less than $1 per bottle, which means they’re also possibly the least expensive electrolyte replacement product available.

Best of all?…These things really work.  We’ve personally experienced definitive results using them, with lots of muscle cramps before taking the tabs and virtually none after taking them.  Granted, our ‘experiment’ is entirely unscientific with no attempt at controlling any other variables, but we really believe these tabs have made a huge difference in our own muscle cramping experiences.

Pick up a pack and conduct your own experiment today!