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Blackburn Outpost Front Rack

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We don’t sell tons of front racks because (a) not many of our customers require the carrying capacity of both front and rear racks, and (b) in almost every case it’s better to carry your load on the rear of the bike if you have the choice.

Carrying stuff on a front rack feels more cumbersome because your bike’s steering can be greatly affected. However, there’s a point at which carrying stuff both front and rear is less cumbersome than loading too much stuff on the rear alone.

That’s why we do try to keep in stock one or two types of front racks. The whole issue is further complicated because front racks aren’t quite as universal as rear ones, but if you have the appropriate braze ons on your front fork the Blackburn rack pictured above is more likely than not to work.

It not only has the ability to carry a set of large capacity panniers, but it also has a removable top rack to load some extra, easily accessible stuff for the ride.

The whole thing is lightweight and reasonably priced (as front racks go) at $118. Check them out before you embark on that next big adventure.

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