Cannondale Hindsite Plus

Today we’re featuring a simple little device: The Cannondale Hindsite Plus. Like many rear ‘blinkie’ lights the Hindsite Plus uses a few red LED lights to alert passing motorists to your presence, and like many other similar lights it utilizes a couple of AAA batteries to offer plenty of run time (up to 70+ hours).

Unlike the least expensive blinkies we have in stock these lights are nice and streamlined. They suit racier bikes very well, whether you’re specifically riding a Cannondale or not.

Truthfully we’re just talking about aesthetic here. These lights won’t really do any better or worse at letting those around you know you’re on the road, but they will do it in style and sometimes that’s worth a few extra bucks.

The Hindsite Plus is $25, a little more than our cheapest rear blinkie but still not bad. We have plenty in stock now.