Cannondale Helmets


If you recently purchased a new Cannondale road, hybrid, mountain, or ‘cross bike and want the ‘matching’ helmet we have them in stock.

Obviously you don’t really need to ride a Cannondale to make use of their helmets, and truth be told we don’t have a colour coordinated helmet for every bike that Cannondale makes, so you can feel free to buy one of their helmets based on merit alone.

The high end Cypher, pictured above and below, is super light and airy.  In our opinion it rivals our long time favourite Catlike Whisper.  30 vents help keep you super cool even in cooking conditions just like the Whisper but the Cypher looks a little more conventional if you’re put off by the alien design of the Catlike.

As a bonus the Cypher costs a bit less than the Whisper, even though the Whisper itself has come down in price. At an even $200 the Cypher is still on the expensive side of bike helmets, but we think it’s a good deal for what you get.

If you don’t want to spring the big bucks but are still looking for a Cannondale we have other helmets from them at less than half the cost of the Cypher.  No matter your needs and budget we should have something that works for you.