Kryptonite Locks

Looking for a bike lock? We have plenty in stock, but for most purposes we recommend a Kyptonite “U Lock”, like the Keeper series.

Cable locks are ok for the occasional quick lock up or as a secondary lock to secure your trailer to your bike, but for everyday use on your bike they’re a liability because all it takes to cut through even a thick cable is a cable cutter with enough leverage. Trust us, we see cut cable lock bike theft claims in the shop weekly.

Kyptonite Kepeer U style locks, on the other hand, are almost never broken into. They start at just $37 and you often only need the entry level model.

As you move up in price the lock construction becomes even more robust and the accompanying insurance plan offered directly by Kryptonite increases in value (ask us for more detail about the insurance in shop).

Whatever your lock up need, visit us anytime and we can sort you out.