Niner Jet 9 Carbon


It’s Dualie Week!  As you’ve likely noticed if you’re a frequenter of our shop we don’t sell tons of dual suspension bikes.  Frankly for local trail riding we think that between approx $400 and $1500 there are few good reasons to get anything ‘more’ than front suspension on a mountain bike.  Below the $1500 threshold you’re sacrificing a lot of other stuff to get a rear shock, and besides, you don’t need dual suspension for most Manitoba riding.

That’s not the say it isn’t nice to have a little cushion in the back on some rides, and that’s why we do stock some dualies and always special order a few a year as well.  So, this week we’ll feature a different in-stock dual suspension bike every day.

We’re starting with the Niner Jet Nine Carbon.  The frame is one of the most highly coveted cross country dual suspension bikes around.  This particular one has a gorgeous paint finish and is mated to a 1 x 10 XO drivetrain.  The one we have in stock is a medium, though other sizes can of course be ordered.

For some reason we don’t have a price for this bike at the time of this positing, but one should be worked out and posted soon.

Stay tuned for more…