Chain Lube


Do you need some chain lube?  Yes, yes you do.  We see all manner of lubricants coated on to bike chains when they’re brought in for servicing, but unless it’s lube actually intended for a bike chain it’s not really the right thing, and at best it isn’t doing a lot of good.  At worst it’s doing a lot of bad.

The lube we have in stock is formulated specifically for the demands placed on bike chains.  In fact we even have different lubes for wet and dry conditions, and different viscosities for different ride environments and applications.

We might be ambitious enough in the coming days to post a blurb on what type of lube is best for which situation, but for now please know that we have plenty to choose from and are happy to explain what will work best for you if you come down to the shop to pick something up.

Cost starts around $10, and trust us, that more than pays for itself.