Schwinn Signature Series


Announcing the Schwinn Signature Series, new to Olympia.  Last week we took delivery of some Schwinn cruisers, classics, and a cool flat bar single speed.

We’ll feature all of those bikes later this week, but first a bit about Schwinn…  The iconic brand has a storied and somewhat spotty history.  We remember its early heritage and its mid 90’s reincarnation (the Home Grown hardtail comes to mind) fondly while other parts of its history we’re happy to forget.

More recently Schwinn was purchased by Dorel, the parent company who also owns Cannondale.  Dorel is Canadian, so Cannondale and now Schwinn are the cloest things to Canadian bike brands that our shop carries.

Schwinn has found its way back to department stores in recent years with some pretty low end offerings, but they’ve also created a ‘signature’ series intended for higher end independant bike stores like us.  The Signature Series cruisers in particular attracted us to the brand as a complimentary option to our perennial favourite Electra’s, so we brought a few in.

Shortly after we placed our Schwinn order they decided they weren’t going to make many of the models we asked for available to the Canadian market, but they honoured our order, and as far as we know we’re the only shop in Canada to actually receive these cruisers.

So what we have in stock may be all we ever get.  In the coming days we’ll post some highlights here, and if you’re interested in picking one of these bikes up for yourself we suggest you act fast because we just don’t know if more will be available to us at a later date.

More to come…