Lezyne Micro Floor Pump


This is one of our very favourite hand pumps, because it’s also sort of a floor pump. It has a reasonably long barrel (actually it’s really quite long for a compact pump that is meant to be taken on your bike) that provides decent pump volume, it has a long flexible hose that makes it easy to connect the pump with your valve stem in awkward trail or road side situations, and it has a “Flip-Thread” chuck that threads on to your stem, which is soooo much better than a non-threaded system.

It also has a little flip down foot peg that allows you to keep the pump anchored while you madly try to inflate your tube before your friends disappear up the trail or road.

This pump can get your tire inflated to 90 psi with relative ease (emphasis on the word ‘relative’), which is more than enough to get you home even if you have skinny road tires.

At $55 it’s a pretty reasonable price too.  We have a few in stock at the time of this posting.