Focus Raven 27R 3


This is our first test of a high end 27.5 wheeled bike.  The spec was altered a bit from what you see above to convert the drive train to a 1×10 drivetrain and a few other bits were upgraded, but that didn’t affect our impressions of the wheel size which was our real interest.

Our first impressions are very positive.  The caveat here is that we ordered an XS size (Focus bikes fit big though – the XS here is similar to a small or 15″ frame from other manufacturers).  Overall our impression is that a 27.5 small hardtail is the equivalent of a larger size 29er.

What we mean to say is that the 27.5 wheels proportionally fit the smaller frame size very well, and they seem to do so without compomising the positive ride characteristics.  In particular the wheels still seem to do a good job rolling over rough terrain.  The test rider reports that she felt more like she was sitting “in” the bike as opposed to “on” her previous 29er, and although she still likes the ride of her 29er the feeling of the 27.5 was preferred.

We’ll wait for a report on more intense trail riding and report back further, but so far this 27.5, at least in a smaller frame size, is a hit.

While we don’t have any 27.5’s this high end in stock we can certainly get stuff in.  If you’re interested in testing a more modestly spec’d (but still excellent) 27.5 in any frame size we have a full range of 27.5 Giant Talons in stock now.