1st Crit postponed, but events coming soon

If you’re masochistic enough to enjoy criterium road racing you’re likely already aware, and weirdly disappointed, that the 1st race on the local calendar has been postponed from Wednesday, April 23rd because the very late spring thaw has jepordized road conditions despite the warmer temps of the last few days.

However, you can rest assured that you’ll have ample opportunity to break your collarbone soon.  In addition to the slightly postponed midweek crit series there are a whole slew of sanctioned bike racing events coming up soon, no matter your preferred disapline.  Check out the whole schedule by going over to the Manitoba Cycling Association site.

In addition to the upcoming road bike races the first sanctioned mountain bike event of the season is the Grand Beach MTB Cup #1 on May 4th!  Better get in shape fast.

Happy racing!