Giant Brava SLR2 ‘cross bike


Looking for a women’s specific cyclocross bike?  We admittedly don’t stock many of ’em (more about that further down) but we have one right here at a great spec and price point.

What makes a bike women’s specific?  There’s no one precise answer to that, but generally a women’s specific design implies that the frame geometry is proportionally a bit different relative to a ‘unisex’ frame.

You see, generally speaking a woman has relatively longer legs and a shorter torso than compared with a  man’s proportions.  This is one of many reasons why women are generally better looking than men, but I digress (not least because my wife reads this stuff).  A women’s specific frame generally has a shorter top tube and longer seat tube than the same sized unisex frame in order to better fit the female proportions.

Of course we’re talking about generalizations here, and not every women requires a women’s specific frame because many can fit a ‘regular’ frame just fine, so we don’t stock many women’s specific bikes.  We can of course also make adjustments to any bike set up, such as swapping out shorter and longer stems, adjusting the layback on seat posts, replacing bars with ones that are narrower, and so on.  In other words most bikes can easily be customized to fit most riders, man or woman, assuming we start with the right general size. Still, for some women a gender specific design is an elegantly simple fit solution.

The Giant Brava SLR2 is equipped with Shimano 105 and equivalent components mated to the excellent workhorse ALUXX ‘cross frame, and costs just $1500.  It’s a good deal for the right gal.