Women’s Sleeveless ‘Spin’ Jerseys

It doesn’t really feel like it at the time of this posting but spring really is around the corner.  This is the time of year where many of us try to get our riding and/or racing legs really and truly ready for the outdoors, which for some means getting some final, good pedalling in on the trainer.

Find that motivation you need to get that last bit of indoor training in by picking up a top like the ones pictured here.  Their open backs lend themselves well to sweaty indoor rides, but when the weather finally turns warm they are equally at home on the road or trail.  They have a reasonably supportive shelf bra so in most cases nothing needs to be worn underneath, and they of course have ample pocket space in the back.

Frankly it’s a shame it’s unacceptable for guys to wear these things (maybe with camo trim or skulls or some other manly thing adorning them) but sometimes girls get the good stuff.

We have a handful of styles and colours available at the moment from Sugoi and Pearl Izumi, with a price range of about $70 -$90.