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Some 2014 Electra models have arrived at the shop recently and in the coming weeks we’ll feature a few of them, but today we’re pointing out the tailor made accessories we also have in stock.

Because many Electra models are somewhat unique our more universal accessories don’t always work optimally with them.  That’s why we typically have racks and fenders for Electra Townies and Cruisers in stock.  We also have a smattering of other Electra accessories in the store, like bells and saddles.

There are however many other Electra accessories available; way too many to stock.  That’s why we have a catalog in the shop that we’re happy to share with you if you’re interested in placing an order to further customize your ride.

You can of course also check out all of the Electra accessories on their online catalogue.

Whatever the case, please know that we do have some stuff in stock now, in time for spring.  We swear it’s coming.  Really.

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