Surly Ice Cream Truck


Surly is at it again!  Rumours of a new FatBike model have been circulating for a while now and a few days ago the venerable Minnesota steel bike company confirmed what we’d been hearing: A symmetrically framed FatBike with 5 inch tire clearance, press fit BB, and convertible drop out system.  Here’s a link to the complete lowdown.

Here’s the thing though…our 2014 booking for Surly (for their 2014/2015 winter models, including this Ice Cream Truck) are due in about a week.  Yup, that’s early.  We may order a few of these bikes on spec but if you’re really interested and want to guarantee you’ll get your hands on one before next winter you need to give us a call soon (like by the very beginning of March would be great).

Give it some thought, then give us a call or come down to the shop.