Lizard Skin DSP Grips


A few weeks ago we featured the new Lizard Skin DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) bar tape, but we (and Lizard Skin) didn’t want to leave our mountain bike brethren out so today we’re featuring the DSP Grips, above.

The grips are pretty lightweight at 30 grams with plugs for the 32.2mm version (which is what we’re stocking) and we really like their feel, though admittedly that’s somewhat subjective.

Maybe the coolest bit about these grips is the elegantly simple ‘locking’ mechanism – really just some sticky tape that is engineered to be slippery enough when just applied and wetted to allow for easy grip installation but sticky enough after installation and drying to keep the grips tight.  We haven’t looked at all the data side by side but these surely have to be among the very lightest ‘locking’ grips.

One potential downside: We haven’t tried to remove the grips yet but fear it may require cutting them, so be sure you have your bike set up the way you want it before applying them.

We have plenty of colours in stock now and are selling the grips for $35 per pair.  Below is an installation video.