Topeak Smartphone Dry Bags


A year or so ago we featured the first Topeak Smartphone Dry Bag.  It was made specifically for the iPhone (up to the 4S model) and it worked like a charm.

The iPhone was kept very securly (and water tight) in the case and it mounted very easily to a handlebar or stem for convenient on-bike access.  What’s more, the clear cover allowed us to swipe and even type on the phone’s touch screen with ease.  We were skeptical of this functionality at first and frankly would have been content if the Dry Bag simply allowed us to view the screen (so we could see incoming messages,  track our progress and find our way through a GPS enabled app, etc.) but as it turns out the phone has almost complete functionality within the bag.  Note that it works better with fingerless gloves.  Full fingered gloves do work, but sometimes require a few extra swipes.

At any rate, we’re still stocking the dry bags for the 4S model but we also now have bags for the iPhone 5 and a 4-5″ screen version made for various other devices.  In other words so long as your Smartphone isn’t huge there’s probably a Topeak Dry Bag in stock that will work for you.

The cost is just $33 each and we have a few of each model in stock now.