2014 Electra Townie 7D


Hey look, we have some 2014 Electra Townies in stock!  Pictured above is a new 7D model.  Well, the 7D isn’t a new model, this is just the new version of one of the best selling models we’ve stocked for the last few years.

As far as we can tell the spec and geometry of the Townie remains the same as last year, but as we all know half of the value of the Townie is the finish, and Electra not only does a second to none job on their paint schemes, they also change up the asthetics every year so your specific bike is always somewhat unique.

We really like what they’ve done with the Townie above, decked out in a two tone aqua blue paint scheme.  For $640 it can be yours, ready for the first spring ride.