FatBike Rim Tape / Drilled Rims


We’re pretty sure this winter won’t last forever, but for as long as it sticks around we may as well make the most of it.  That’s why we have plenty of FatBike gear in stock, including the humble rim strip.  Surly makes 3 different widths for various rim sizes and they all come in a few colours.  We don’t have every option in stock but we have many, so if you feel like spicing up your FatBike a bit come visit us and switch up your wheels’ hue.

While you’re at it consider talking to our mechanic Liam about shaving more than a few grams from your FatBike rims.  He’s become quite adept at drilling additional holes into 80mm+ wide hoops and making them look nice.  The result is a cool aesthetic and probably the best FatBike weight loss bang for your buck.