Surly ECR


This is a great new off road touring option from Surly.  They’ve done such a good job of explaining exactly what this thing is that we’ve copied and pasted a portion of their description below.

We’ll add however that one of the important features not noted below is that this bike has enough room for Surly’s 3 inch wide rim/tire combo, which they affectionately call a 29er+ set up.  So in other words this bike can be used in almost the most difficult of riding conditions, unless a 4″+ plus FatBike is truly the only thing that will get you through.

We have an ECR built up and on the floor available for you to check out anytime, or ride it home for $2400 plus taxes.

Here’s the 411 from Surly:

Behold ECR. ECR is a sure-footed, multi-terrain, offroad-obsessed 29+ camp bike. It’s something of a lovechild borne of our Krampus, Ogre and Long Haul Trucker.

Like the Ogre, ECR can run racks, fenders and disc brakes simultaneously, front and rear. It’s compatible with singlespeed, full derailleur and IGH drivetrains (it even features a dedicated Rohloff torque arm mount) because the rear dropouts are just like those on our Ogre and Troll frames. Run what you like. ECR has multiple mounts on the frame and fork for water bottle cages and larger gear cages, so you can bring lots of water, stove fuel, milk, a sleeping pad, small mammals or what have you.