Arrowhead Wrap Up

Pic taken from gear - check 'em out
Pic taken from gear – check ’em out

A few days ago we posted a brief blurb on the 2014 edition of the Arrowhead 135.  There were a few entrants affiliated with Olympia Cycle competing this year, but it looks like conditions weren’t merciful because just one of the guys we know ended up crossing the finish line (DNF’s were rampant this year).

Here’s a shoutout to Pete McAdam’s for crossing the line in tenth!  Kudo’s to all who made the attempt – preparing for the race is a challenge in itself, and this is the kind of event where everything has to go right or you find yourself in the Did Not Finish column thinking about next year.

Here’s a link to an article from that’s been floating around the interweb for a day that does a good job of detailing what we’re talking about.  Though our shop manager disputes the “drinking your own urine” bit (he says that part of the story was inserted for effect) we’ll let you decide for yourself.  Anyway you slice it this is hardcore stuff.