Surly Straggler


The geometry is a bit different than the Surly Cross Check but this new Straggler model is more or less the same, with one huge exception: It’s disc brake specific.

Because so many disc rear hubs are 135mm the rear spacing of this frame is 135mm as well (opposed to the 132.5mm spacing on the Cross Check that is made to accommodate 135mm or the 130mm road standard by bending the tubes in or out a bit).  So essentially this is a dedicated 135mm disc specific ‘cross bike for all around riding.

The second more minor difference is a new rear dropout.  It still allows for a single speed or geared set up but in a more elegant fashion.  It’s a bit hard to describe here, but it’s an improvement on the old Cross Check drop outs (though those still do the job).

A disc Cross Check has been requested for years now so we think the new Straggler will be in high demand.  If you’re interested come and check out the 54cm model we have build up and on the floor right now.  $1995 plus taxes and you can ride it home.