Lazer Snow Helmet – lower price


A week or two ago we featured some Lazer Snow Helmets.  We neglected to point out that the ones featured were their super light version, and while that makes them even more awesome it does also push the price up to the already reported $120 each.

Not a bad price point at all, but if  you’re looking for something lower priced and are willing to wear something a bit heavier we also have the Lazer Revert in stock now.

At just $80 each the Revert has the same features as its higher end cousin, just with a heftier weight.  It still employs the removable, breathable ear covers and vent flaps, and still comes in a variety of colours, though not in flourecents.

We have a selection of sizes in stock now, and hey, it doesn’t look like winter is going anywhere just yet.