45nrth Soft Goods



We have some new 45nrth soft goods in stock now, just in time for the next blizzard (isn’t winter great?).

The cap (called the “Greazy”, because apparently all new mountain/fat bike stuff has to be assigned a mostly nonsensical, sorta hipster, kinda urban name – see all the definitions here and choose which you like most) does a good job of covering your ears and shielding your eyes.  It’s also strategically stitched to feel good under a helmet, and it’s made of double layered wool to keep you warm but not too sweaty.  Or greasy, if we’re using the word correctly.

The Toaster Fork is made of a single layer of wool so it’s not quite as warm on the head but it obviously provides a fuller face coverage and complete neck protection, unless you’re this guy.

Stop by any time to check them both out.  The next snowfall isn’t going to wait for you to prepare 🙂