Kinetic Road Machine


We’re not generally complainers but it seems this winter is either mind-numbingly cold or sloppy warm with not a lot of middle ground, and both are less than ideal for riding.

While we’re still braving the conditions and getting out there when we can a little indoor training may be in order too, away from the elements. We have a number of stationary trainers in stock to help with this, and they certainly aren’t all as expensive as the $500 Kinetic Road Machine pictured above, but if you have the budget we think the Road Machine is worth the look.

Its fluid drive with automatically adjusting resistance as you increase your gear ration does a second-to-none job of simulating how resistance/speed increases feel on the road.

Will it ever feel just like being in the great outdoors? Obviously not, but it can help get you ready for riding at your best outdoors this spring even when conditions are a little more formidable right now.