Winnipeg Cycling Map

At the time of this posting we still have a few 2013 Winnipeg Cycling Maps left in stock, and seeing as it’s unlikely there’s been a wild flurry of bike specific infrastructure construction since January 1st we’re going to assume the maps are still relevant.

Although Winnipeg has certainly lagged behind some more progressive cities in its response to the need for more active transportation routes we’ve been very encouraged to see that things are changing for the better, and this map does a good job of highlighting the safest routes to get around the city by bike.  It might even bring some new routes and infrastructure to your attention.

The best part?  It’s free!  We find the print version most helpful as an aid while actually riding, but if you’d prefer to use your desk top or tablet check out the PDF version or the Google Maps interactive version.  They’re free too 🙂