Tan Nates

20131218-071518.jpg Looking to spice up your fat ride a bit? How about some new tan rubber?

Nates are one of our very favourite do almost anything tire, and we spec them on many of our FatBike builds. That makes for great riding but a sorta bland ‘sameness’ aesthetic. The tan sidewalls on these Nates have a more unique retro vibe harkening back to the days of gumwall rubber (without the cracking and splitting).

They have the same aggressive tread as the regular Nates, which do a great job of gripping pretty much any type of snow and dirt. The sidewalls are 60 tpi, so they’re reasonably light, at least for a knobby FatBike tire.

We just have 1 set of these tires in stock at the time of this posting, selling for $140 each, but we can always get more.