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Actif Epica meeting Tues Dec 17th

Mon - Fri 10 - 9
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Dec 1 - May 31
Open 1 - 5 pm
Used Bikes:

Beginning at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, Dec 17th, Olympia Cycle (1813 Portage Ave) is hosting an Actif Epica meeting for participants or anyone else interested.

All are welcome, whether you plan to participate in the event this year or not.

Proposed agenda includes…

Intro – Nature of the event

Physical prep for winter ultra distance cycling. What should people be thinking about and doing over the next 10-12 weeks if they are getting ready to take on Actif Epica? What about the day before the event? Event day?

Winter bike ultra gear selection and prep talk, hosted by Lindsay Gauld. Run through clothing and bike prep.


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