Carbon Beargrease is here!

Here it is!…our first carbon FatBike.  This is the mid-range spec (in terms of the X7 drivetrain anyway) Salsa Beargrease.  Let’s get the cost out of way straight off:  It’s $3700 plus taxes.

What does that get you?  A 31.0 lb (with the platform pedals as shown in the pic above) fully functional, no compromise FatBike with ‘racier’ geometry than the aluminum Salsa offerings.  Oh, and bragging rights if you like to be the 1st guy or gal in town with the latest stuff.

Editor’s note: I think this is the FatBike deal for higher end builds.  Can you go lighter?  Sure.  My wife built up an aluminum Beargrease with an XX1 drivetrain, Hope hubs, Thomson bits, etc. and got her bike down to the 26 lb range, but the retail cost is close to $6000 for that build.  For less than 2/3rds of that cost the carbon Beargrease as pictured above is arguably a better bang for your buck.

If you want to spend more to get the very best we certainly understand and are happy to accommodate you, and if your budget is for less than $2000 we can make that work too (and you’ll still get a great bike) but this Beargrease is an awesome sweet spot where you’re getting am absolute top end frame and fork, a very lightweight build, and good components at a comprehendible price.

No matter what FatBike you’re interested in you should stop by the shop to check the latest Beargrease out – it’s worth just gazing at for a minute or two 🙂