White Brothers Snowpack FatBike Fork


We just got a couple of these gorgeous carbon FatBike forks in stock (not including the one yours truly is installing on his Pugsley today).  If you’re looking to save some weight by ditching your heavy steel FatBike fork and increasing the aesthetic appeal at the same time this is the component to get the job done.

The Snowpack’s fork legs are wide enough apart to accommodate a Clownshoe rim with a 5″ wide tire so they work with a Moonlander but are equally at home on a 4″ wide tired FatBike like a Pugs or a Mukluk.

Note though that this fork comes in two leg lengths – the shorter is for Surly stuff and the new Charge Cooker Maxi while the longer is for Salsas.  Also note that the fork crown will strike the Surly FatBike downtube if you turn the handlebars enough (not while riding but if, for instance, you crash hard)  so be careful when crashing (?!).

Also, also note that the Snowpack is non-offset so if you have an older Pugs with an offset wheel build you’ll need to have the wheel re-laced to a non-offset configuration, and while you’re at it you’ll need either a new ‘front front’ 135mm hub (like the Paul Components WHUB) or some shims between the disc rotor and hub flange in order to position the rotor properly.  A conventional rear 135mm single speed hub (often referred to as a front rear hub because it’s actually made for the rear but is a popular front option when 135mm spacing is required because it doesn’t have an unneeded freehub) has a slightly different rotor spacing that isn’t quite outboard enough to work with this fork.

Alternatively we can order an adapter from White Brothers that will allow this fork to work with a front rear hub.  It’s your choice.  If you have a Salsa FatBike it’s pretty much plug and play because Salsa’s already use a non-dished wheel with a front front hub.

These forks have a 1 1/8th straight aluminum steerer tube with aluminum crown and carbon legs, and weigh in at approx. 900 grams.  Price is $450 (we think – we’ll confirm the price and post it here as soon as possible).  We have at least one of each length in stock at the time of this posting, and more can always be ordered.