Julbo Sniper

This is a pretty cool new product we’re stocking. The Julbo Sniper is designed as a biathlon goggle with a lens that sits a bit more in front of your face than ordinary goggles, allowing more room for air to circulate thus reducing fogging.

Winter fogging is almost impossible to completely eliminate though, especially if you’re transitioning in and out of warmer environments (for instance you’re running errands on your FatBike or you’re participating in Actif Epica and stopping briefly at check points). That’s when the lens flip up feature of the Sniper is a super cool idea. Leave your helmet on and don’t worry about goggle straps getting tangled with your lid straps. Don’t take your sunglasses off and worry about setting them down and leaving them behind. Simply flip your lens up and then when needed flip it back down.

At $160 the Snipers that come with a single photochromatic lens (that changes its darkness based on its exposure to the light) are about the same cost as other moderately high end sports glasses but in our opinion a much better deal for winter specific riding.

At $130 you can buy Snipers that come with 3 sets of non-photochromatic lenses (one of which is clear).  We have a few pairs of each in stock so come and check them out anytime.