New FatBike, lower price

We’re excited to be carrying a new FatBike brand. To be accurate the brand, Charge, is owned by the same folks who own Cannondale and the stock comes from our Cannondale distributor, so many folks are referring to this as a Cannondale FatBike though it isn’t exactly.

Your first tip that the Charge Cooker Maxi is a different breed is the steel tubing. The tube geometry is similar to a Pugsley (including the offset rear triangle that accommodates a conventional 135mm rear hub) but they’re made of high end double butted Tange. The handling is on the aggressive side, at least as far as FatBikes go.

The component spec is slightly lower than the base Pugs, using SRAM X5 and equivalent stuff, but still more than competent enough for whatever you want to throw at it. The weight is actually a bit lighter than the benchmark Pugs owing in part to lighter tubing and the Vee Rubber tires.

Oh, and at $1800 this is the least expensive FatBike we have in stock. We have a medium and large in stock now with additional sizes on the way.

As stoked as we are that the winter FatBike season is here it’s fun to dream about the Cooker Maxi on sandy beaches too. Here’s a brief vid to help you shake off the chill after your next snow ride.