Sportube Series 1

This is a pretty cool, if simple, idea for your skis. It’s an expandable tube that can be used to contain up to two sets of classic or skate skis and poles up to 210 cm’s in length.

Though its main purpose may be to help transport your skis on a plane, train, or bus we think it’s great for use in your car to and from the local trails. Instead of having a bunch of unwieldy ski equipment strewn from the back to the front of your car’s interior everything is nicely contained inside one secure tube.

The tube can of course also be conveniently strapped down to your vehicle’s roof rack.

It has nice foam ends on the interior to keep your equipment from scuffing or rattling annoyingly, and when not in use it can be collapsed to half its maximum length.

The series 1 Sportube is $160 and we have it in stock now.