Serfas True 550 headlamp

This is possibly our favourite “mid-range” headlight.  By mid-range we mean that it provides enough light to be used on its own on non-lit trail riding, though you may have to back off your pace a bit because vision will be more limited than, say, when using the 2500 Lumen TSL 2500 (which isn’t even available yet, but should be soon).

Not only are the 550 Lumens bright enough for all but the most aggressive riding, the headlight can operate at the maximum brightness level for 2 hours straight (less in really cold weather).  In its medium setting (230 Lumens) which still casts pretty good light that can get you through most situations the battery lasts for 4 hours and 40 minutes.  Cut the Lumens down to 120  to get you home in a pinch and you have 9 and a half hours of power!

Full charge time for this light is 4 hours or 5 and a half hours of you use a USB.  It comes with a handlebar AND a helmet mount.  Many of our customers buy two of these lights and use one in each of the positions so they have a beam always pointing ahead from their bars and another that follows where they point their head from on top of their helmet.

Possibly the coolest feature though is the standard or wide beam interchangeable lenses.  Both are included and as the video below demonstrates it’s easy to switch between the two in order to customize the light to your riding needs.

We have these in stock now for $150 each.  It’s not getting any brighter out there these days so consider purchasing a good light soon and ride safe!