Salsa Mukluk 2


They’re here! Well, a couple of them anyway. We have two 17″ Mukluk 2’s in stock right now.

No, the picture isn’t the greatest but we were trying to capture the gorgeous gold paint job. You really need to see it in person to appreciate it though.

The spec’s are pretty great right out of the box, including an X9 drivetrain, Holy Rolling Darryl rims with 120 tpi Nate tires, BB7 disc brakes, and even a Thomson seat post thrown in to round things out.

At $2600 the Mukluk 2 comes in just a little higher in price than the Special Ops Pugsley. The spec’s are similar quality so we’d chalk that cost difference up to the Mukluk’s lighter aluminum frame and fork; especially the redesigned fork that takes about half a pound off its predecessor.

The steel framed Pugsley still has its place though – it offers a more compliant ride and has geometry that’s a little more aggressive, whereas the Mukluk is stiffer but with more relaxed angles that lend itself well to long distance affairs.

We also just received into stock a 17″ Mukluk 3 (black) at a lower price point and will feature it here soon, so whatever your ride style and budget we should have you covered.