Mukluk 3


Another bad picture, but another great bike. This is the ‘entry level’ Mukluk and the least expensive FatBike we have in stock but make no mistake, it’s an awesome ride.

Equipped with an X7 drivetrain, solid Darryl rims, and 27 tpi tires the bike saves $600 compared with its higher end sibling but it has the same frame and fork, including the same alternator dropouts that allow you to easily set the bike up as a single speed or a fully geared rig and/or adjust the wheelbase to you preference.

Whatever your FatBike pleasure we should now have you covered with our selection of Mukluk’s, Pugsley’s, and Moonlanders. More sizes are coming soon and we’re also super stoked to soon be receiving the carbon Beargrease. Stay tuned…