Huge Sale on Summer Clothes

No, it’s not the most exciting poster ever made, and we doubt it took hours to design.  In fact as we post this we’re noticing that for some reason the 1st letter of each line is capitalized, likely because that was the default setting after a hard return in the app used the create the poster, and we’re pretty sure “in stock” is two words, and it’s kinda funny that we actually took the time to print out a sign but then had to add a hand written message to the bottom of it anyway, but does it really matter?

The point is that we have a full rack of summer bike clothes that are now 50% off as we make way for our winter apparel.  If you’re like us you still use summer shorts and jerseys on indoor trainers in the winter and/or use them as a base layer under warmer clothes for winter outdoor riding, so this is an end-of-season sale you can keep making use of all year long.

Come and check out the goods while the selection is still good.