Fat Levels Adventure Pt 2

These are the rail ties the guys are supposed to be riding over

Well, the last time we posted about these guys they were feeling the effects on a long day in the saddle and were a little apprehensive about what the ride back looked like.  From our latest reports it sounds like the apprehension wasn’t unwarranted.  The 1st stretch of ‘trail’ on their return trip took 2 hours and 11 minutes, during which time they covered 20.3 kms.  Yikes.

By the time Liam and Fonzie made it to Selkirk the latter had bonked “pretty good” while the former’s knee had settled into a nice, constant pain.

Last we heard Fonzie was thinking of calling for an extraction but with a Red Bull and some encouragement thrown his way he may have kept pedalling forward.  In fact we assume that one way or another they’re back in Winnipeg by now, though if you come to the bike shop this week and we tell you we can’t get to your repair for another few days you know the guys are still missing somewhere.

(In the interest of not killing our business please note that we WILL get to your repair in the next day or two – we’re sure our ace mechanics are fine)

Fonzie made it to Wavers, but he’s clearly not in the mood to wave