Minoura B60R Mag Trainer

As promised here’s a brief feature on one of our indoor trainers. The B60R is the least expensive magnetic trainer we carry. Manoura does offer one slightly less expensive model but it’s really the same thing as pictured above but without the remote resistance adjuster, and we find that the remote is such an asset that in virtually every case it’s worth the few extra bucks.

The B60R has remained pretty much unchanged for the last decade or more, and that’s a good thing. It offers almost universal compatibility with whatever bike you have (though you’ll want to make sure you have a slick tire installed on your rear wheel) and a good range in resistance at a very reasonable price.

Higher end ‘fluid’ trainers do a better job of simulating the progressive resistance of an actual road ride but for many people that’s an unnecessary feature that costs quite a bit more. If you’re looking for a good, economical trainer to help get you through the winter we’ve been selling and personally using the B60R for years and loving it the whole time (well, as much as one can love indoor riding).

We have a bunch in stock now for $250 each.