Moonlander has landed, again


New Moonlanders have arrived, and we built one up yesterday for your testing enjoyment. Or go ahead and buy it, we won’t stop you.

The Moonlander is our fattest Fat Bike. With 4.8″ wide tires on 100mm wide rims it goes where even other Fat Bikes don’t. That can be a great attribute for the hard core adventure racer or the recreational rider who just wants to go way off the beaten path.

Possibly best of all though is that despite its oversized personality the Moonlander has many of the same physical attributes as its smaller sibling, the Pugsley. They both use 135mm hubs front and year and both use 100mm cranksets. That means the now plentiful parts selection available for the Pugsley is somewhat compatible with the Moonlander.

Obviously the wheels are unique to the Moonie, and there aren’t a lot of tire choices, but we think the Lou and Bud nobbies that come spec’d on the bike are perfect for most conditions.

The rest of the bike is well spec’d with XT/SLX stuff and BB7 ultimates. There’s nothing here you need to upgrade. Not that that’s ever stopped us.

Cost is $2925.  We have an 18 and a 20″ in stock now.