Fat Bike Delivery


Look at what the postman brought! Though they look pretty unexciting in the boxes above we’ll soon be pulling out the contained goods and building up some Fat Bikes.



We have an 18 and a 22″ Pug Ops and Moonlanders in 18 and 20″ frame sizes, all ready to be assembled and rolled onto the showroom floor.

Let’s talk about the Puglsey today, and leave the Moonlander for tomorrow (unless you want to come to the shop to check out the Moonlander today – then we’ll talk your ear off).  The Pug Ops is what Surly is calling their “mid-fat” bike.  We call it the standard.  The tire flotation is of course less than the Moonlander’s which sports 4.8″ tires on 100mm rims, but a little more than the ‘regular’ Puglsey that comes with 65mm rims and 3.8″ tires.

The Ops shares the same 3.8″ tire width as the regular Pugs but its larger 82mm wide Rolling Darryl rims means the tire sits wider on the rim and provides more float.  This set up has, in our opinion, become the local standard for Fat Biking.   It provides ample floatation for almost any condition but at a lighter weight than the ultimate flotation offered on the Moonie.

The Ops is equipped with the higher end 120tpi Nates which offer some good weight savings over the 27tpi Nates spec’d on the regular Pugs.  It’s worth noting though that both models now come equipped with Nates of one kind or another.  We think this a great development because many of our customers have equipped their Fat Bikes with Nates after the fact to get the increased traction they offer over the older stock tires.  Now the bike comes spec’d the way most of our customers want it straight out of the box.

The Ops has a few other spec features that are a cut above the regular Pugs, like BB7 brakes and LX/SLX components.

Oh, and then there’s the colour.  We like it, whatever it’s called.  Surly’s site calls it Canvas Green in one spot and Olive Drab in other, and the shipping boxes containing the bikes simply call them Green.  They’re definitely not a ‘real’ green.  We think the Olive Drab description is pretty accurate, but we don’t think the pick above (the top of the two bike pics) does the colour justice; you need to see it in person to really appreciate it.

We hope to build up at least one of these bikes today and dig up the MRSP at the same time.  We’ll post the price as soon as we find it.

Update: We found the prices!…the Pug Ops is $2475.  The Moonlander, to be reviewed tomorrow, is $2925.  The ‘regular’ Pugs, which we hope to have in stock soon, is $2175.