New Niner Air 9 Carbon

The Air 9 Carbon 29er from Niner is one of the big reasons we decided to carry the Niner brand a few years back, and as much as we liked it then the continual refinement of this superb cross country racer has made it even better in the subsequent years.

We just received an update on their 2014 products and thought we’d pass this on as a bit of a glimpse into the not too distant future. There was plenty of promotional wording accompanying the pics of the new refinements but we liked the paragraph below the most. But remember, there’s more to come.

“The Air 9 Carbon is now a dedicated geared racing bike with trickle-down RDO features throughout, including reduced diameters and trimmed tube profiles, smaller junctions, molded carbon headset races and a carbon BB shell. Additionally, the rear brake mount is now tucked inside the curving stays to distribute twisting forces evenly, permitting smaller caliper mounts.”