Vee Rubber Mission

We’re getting more and more FatBike parts choices, like the Vee Rubber Mission 4.0″ wide tires pictured below.  They’re 120 TPI which seems to be the emerging standard for ‘high end’ Fat tires, and in part because of the high TPI they’re pretty light (relatively speaking at least): Around 1400 grams a piece.

That weight slots them in between the approx. 1550g Nates and the 1200g Husker Du’s, which seems appropriate considering the knob size and overall traction also positions them right in between those other two tires.

The verdict?  Well, we haven’t actually ridden these tires yet so we can’t say for sure but they look to us like rubber that could be pretty fast in most local summer conditions but still provide enough traction in many but not all winter circumstances.  In others words they should work better in a broader range of conditions than the Huskers but with a bit of a weight penalty.  Conversely if you want maximum traction and aren’t as worried about weight the Nates might still be your choice.

Whatever the decision it’s nice to have some selection, and as is often the case there may be no ‘best’ tire in this category.  The Vee Rubber Missions fill in a nice middle ground that we think should be popular.  Oh, and at ‘just’ $90 per tire the price is considerably lower than the other high TPI offerings, so that may be the ultimate deciding factor for some.