Race Face 1×10 set up

We recently featured the Wolftooth chainring, an aftermarket chainring that can be used with a 1×10 or 1×11 set up, paired with a clutch drive rear derailleur, to prevent chain drop without the use of a chain guide in place of a front derailleur.

We’re almost done building up the Wolftooth equipped bike (a sweet Salsa Beargrease fat bike with Sram XX1 components, weighing it at about 26 lbs fully equipped) and we’ll post a review as soon as it’s complete, but in the mean time we’ve received into stock a handful of 32 tooth Race Face “narrow/wide” single rings that perform the same function as the Wolftooth, for a 9, 10, or 11 speed set up.

We’ve modified the drivetrain of a Cannondale F29er carbon3 by removing the front derailleur and shifter, replacing the 2x chainrings with the single Race Face “narrow/wide” chainring (nice product, but wow what an underwhelming name) and replacing the XT rear derailleur (which oddly was supposed to come spec on the bike as a clutch drive but didn’t) with a certifiable clutch drive XTR rear D.

The result?  No chain slap, no chain jumping off the front, even with no front derailleur or chain guide!  Admittedly we’ve only taken the bike out on a quick couple of spins so far, but we tried are darndest to get that chain to fall off and it just wouldn’t.  Given time and enough riding we’re sure it’ll fall off sometime, but we’re optimistic that it’s solid enough to work without worry even in challenging terrain.

So if you already have a 2×10 set up and want to simplify and migrate to a 1×10 give these RaceFace chainrings, or the Wolftooth, some thought.  At just $50 for the RaceFace chainring (plus clutch rear derailleur if you don’t already have one) they provide a relatively inexpensive conversion option.