Lindsay’s Trans Canada Trail Adventure

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Olympia founder Lindsay Gauld is at it again…this time he’s riding the entire Manitoba section of the Trans Canada Trail, about 1300 km in total, beginning Wednesday, July 3rd.

He’ll be tenting it where need be and staying in hotels if they present themselves in convenient locations, but mostly he’ll be pedalling over the next few days as he crosses Manitoba from west to east, and from further north than Riding Mountain down to the U.S. border and back up to Lake Winnipeg.

You can follow Lindsay via his Spot tracker, and if you’d like to take it a step further you can locate him online and then hook up with him somewhere along the route and ride for a bit with him – he says he’d welcome the company, even if you just want to ride with him for a bit in and around Winnipeg.

Whether you can actually join him in person for a while or follow his progress vicariously online we’re sure you join us in wishing Lindsay well during this latest challenge.