Thomson Steerer Clamp Dress Up Kit

We realize this is a bit of a niche product but every now and then it’s fun to share a slightly more obscure product that can make all the difference on the right bike.
This is the Thomson Steerer Clamp Dress Up Kit.  As the name implies it’s an ‘aftermarket’ stem clamp (well, it’s actually from Thomson) designed to replace the stock stem clamp on an X4 Thomson stem.  Available in blue, red, and gold the clamp ads a little fun to your Thomson set up.
At $50 it’s the same cost as a decent full stem but if your bike is already equipped with Thomson bits you’ve probably abandoned frugality a long time ago.  And hey, it comes with a matching stem/headset top cap too, so really it’s a deal!
We don’t typically carry these in stock but they can be easily ordered and usually arrive in a week or two.  Just let’n you know.