Bike to Work Day is coming

This is just a head’s up that Bike to Work Day 2013 is coming up in less than 4 weeks, on June 21st.

Make your plans now to take part by riding to work, school, out on errands, or just for recreation that day, and be sure to register your name before doing so.

Bike to Work Day does more than just promote wellness through cycling.  It also serves as an advocate for cyclists with the local government by quantifiably demonstrating how many cyclists are out there using our city’s roads and paths.

In 2012 almost 4,000 cyclists registered for the day.  While this number is obviously much smaller than the number of motorists who drive their commute every day it is statistically significant, and by demonstrating that significance we’ll see more changes to our infrastructure that will enable cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists to cohabit and co-commute peacefully and safely.

Check out the Bike to Work Day site for all of the details and to register.