Grampies Go Cycling


Editor’s note: Below is an email that we received recently that links to the chronicles of two Canadian retirees as they travel different parts of the world on their bicycles.  You can read about their previous adventures and follow along as they embark on new ones soon.  We thought some of you might be interested.

The blog format they use (using an open source bike touring site) is a bit clunky, but hey, they’re seniors and they log more miles in the saddle than many of us, so we’re gonna let it slide…. 

Since catching the bug for long distance bicycling a few years ago, we have written up the stories of rolling across Canada and the US, across Europe, and from Canada to Mexico.

You can find links to everything we have written at the bottom of our Profile page on our website.

For anyone who has enjoyed those trips and tales with us, there is good news.  We are now launching two new ones.

First off, we will head across the Idaho panhandle on the “Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes” with five year olds Avi and Violet, on “WeeHoo” recumbent tandems. The story is called Grampies Go Panhandling.

Two days after getting back from Idaho, we will head to Amsterdam. From there we will head out for about 4500 km, to  Copenhagen, Berlin, Leipzig, Ulm, Konstanz, Geneva, Lyons, Avignon, Arles, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris. The story is called Grampies Go In Circles.

Once you find these blogs, bookmark them! When we are on the trail, we will be trying to update every day, assuming that we find wifi or a 3G signal.

If you find you are reading the blogs, also send us a message! A lot of our inspiration comes from the knowledge that people are following along with us. In the upper left of each journal page you will find a link that says (Contact). Click that, and you should be able to post a message in our guestbook.

Join us for a jaunt in Idaho and a spin around Western Europe!

Steve and Dodie Miller, the “Grampies on the Go”