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Blackburn Airstik 2Stage Mini Pump

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Dec 1 - May 31
Open 1 - 5 pm
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We have new Airstik 2Stage Mini Pumps in from Blackburn, and they’re…white!  Yes, they also have switchable high volume and high pressure modes for fast inflation with less pumping, and yes you can still rebuild the pump with replaceable internals should it wear out after years of service, and yes it’s a really compact pump that fits very unobtrusively on your bike’s frame, and yes it’s a great deal at just $34, but who really cares about all of that because it’s also now available in white!

The pump is presta specific and can inflate a tube to 160 psi, so it’s good for virtually any tube you need inflated on any tire (so long as it’s a presta).  And it’s white.

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