Purchase Benefits

In case you didn’t notice, summer suddenly arrived this past weekend, and although there may still be a few blips on the radar it looks like this is truly the beginning of the warm season.  For many that means bike buying time so we thought we’d take a second to remind everyone that there are some ‘extra’ benefits to buying from Olympia.

Aside from a great selection of bikes, clothing, and accessories with new, adult bike prices ranging from sub $400 to about as high as you want to go, and a sales and mechanic staff that live for riding and are eager to share their expertise with you, there are the following benefits:

1) When you buy a new bike from us you also receive 20% off of almost all accessories in the store at the time of your bike purchase.  If you need a helmet, a pair of shorts, or just some lube, you can get a discount when you’re buying a bike at the same time.

2) A free 1 month check up.  After the first month or so of riding things tend to ‘settle in’ on a new bike, which means your cables will stretch a bit and the shifting and braking might be off a little.  This is to be expected, and that’s why we want to make sure we keep you happy by offering a free 1 month check up where we tighten everything back up and make sure your bike is working optimally.  You usually have to leave the bike with us overnight for this check up but we most often can get it back to you the next day.

3) A free 1 year tune up.  As a token of our goodwill, and a means to help insure you keep riding and enjoying your bike we also offer a free tune up 1 year after your purchase.  We’ll check everything over and tune the bike up as necessary.

Feel free to start your new bike buying experience with us today. We have plenty in stock at the time of this posting.  If the bike you’re after isn’t already built up we may have one in a box in the back that we’d be happy to build for you with no obligation so that you can swing a leg over it and take it out for a test ride.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock we’ll do what we can to get something in for you. Come and check out the possibilities anytime, and get out on the road and trails soon!